Action Group

Welcome to the Action Group, a consortium of multi-sectoral experts committed to
fostering sustainable growth and development across vital industries.


Explore our six key sectors


Action Group supports agricultural development that balances food and nutrition for local communities with agro-processing to add value, creating diverse health, beauty, and food products.



Action Group constructs sustainable and resilient community infrastructure, focusing on introducing cutting-edge techniques and designs into the built environment.



Action Group supports technological development that leverages and reinforces African communities' indigenous social and cultural infrastructures to unleash their full economic potential.

Industry & Infrastructure


Action Group propels the industry, helping Africa leapfrog industrial development stages to bring rapid, sustained progress to the African continent.

Oil and Gas


Action Group introduces high environmental, social, and technological innovation levels into its oil and gas ventures to balance economic growth with inclusive, ecological, and equitable development.

Natural Resources


Action Group protects, nurtures, and develops the natural environment while ensuring our access to the vital resources upon which our world depends.

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