Action Group

Welcome to the Action Group, a consortium of multi-sectoral experts committed to
fostering sustainable growth and development across vital industries.

Our Mission?

To cultivate value-driven partnerships that spur innovation, profitability, and positive socio-economic impact across South Sudan and Africa. We’re here to transform sectors and change lives.

Local Insights and International Best Practices

Global Expertise, Local Impact
At the Action Group, we believe in the power of local insights and international best practices. We adapt strategies to local contexts while leveraging global expertise. Our approach fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, creating a platform for transformative partnerships that contribute to sustainable growth and development."
Enhance agricultural practices, promote food security, and develop sustainable farming techniques while connecting smallholders to markets.
Expand access to reliable and affordable telecommunications services, combining hardware and software to expand internet access.
Bridge the digital divide, enabling digital transformation, and empower communities and countries to leverage cutting-edge technologies.
Create a modern and resilient infrastructure that supports economic growth and improves the quality of life.
Oil and Gas
Promote responsible and sustainable practices in exploring, producing, and distributing energy resources to optimize resource utilization and develop cleaner and more efficient technologies.
Natural Resources
Promote responsible value-added industries of natural resources, including minerals, forests, water, and biodiversity.

Our Impact, Visualized

We believe in the power of data. Explore our interactive maps and graphs to see the impact of our work across different sectors and regions. Witness how we’re driving change, one project at a time.

Sector Highlights
We're focused on six key sectors: Agriculture, Communications, Technology, Industry & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources. Each sector is a world of opportunities waiting to be unlocked. From enhancing agricultural practices to bridging the digital divide, from creating modern infrastructure to promoting sustainable practices in energy resources, we're here to make a difference.
Partnerships and Collaborations
Our strength lies in our partnerships. We've joined forces with a diverse range of world-class experts and resources, fostering collaborations that drive positive change. Our partners are our allies in transforming sectors and impacting lives.
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